Boudoir – Kansas City

If you’re interested in boudoir sessions with Laura Benitz Photography but have a few concerns as to how they run, then THIS is the page for you!

My outdoor sessions are photographed on my PRIVATE land. I have acres and acres of gorgeous forests, fields, barns, creeks, and more. My home, when photographing indoors, has HUGE windows, letting in soft, beautiful natural light. These are the most sought-after boudoir sessions, and I guarantee 100% satisfaction.

If confidentiality is a concern, you can be assured that NONE of your images will be shared without your given permission.

After reading and viewing the following images, please call: 816-676-8054 or contact me with any questions you may have. The sessions are fun and comfortable, and you will leave feeling confident and SEXY! xox~LauraDestination_Kansas_City_St_Joseph_Missouri_Boudoir_Photographer_1792 Destination_Kansas_City_St_Joseph_Missouri_Boudoir_Photographer_1783 Destination_Kansas_City_St_Joseph_Missouri_Boudoir_Photographer_1854 Kansas_City_St_Joseph_Missouri_Boudoir_Photographer_1731 Kansas_City_St_Joseph_Missouri_Boudoir_Photographer_1735 St_Joseph_Missouri_Kansas_City_Boudoir_Photography_1536 St_Joseph_Missouri_Kansas_City_Boudoir_Photography_1567 St_Joseph_Missouri_Kansas_City_Boudoir_Photography_1577 St_Joseph_Missouri_Kansas_City_Boudoir_Photography_1582 Destination_Kansas_City_St_Joseph_Missouri_Boudoir_Photographer_1773