About Me

About me: Hello, I’m Laura … the owner and photographer of Laura Benitz Photography; specializing in destination wedding and boudoir photography.

~I laugh, all of the time, often at the most inappropriate moments.

~Guilty pleasures, include, but not limited to: Teen Wolf, Game of Thrones, chocolate, coffee, donuts, books.

~I’m a crossfit/weight lifting addict; going more than a couple days without a workout would increase my need for coffee x1000.

~My daily must-haves-without-a-doubt are my kids, husband, close friends, and family. I need them. Every day.

~Lying by the pool EVERY day during the summer, while the kids swim and play, is a perfectly acceptable way to parent.

~I have a book in my hands as soon as the kids are tucked in for the night. Often seen with a book during the mornings, afternoons, evenings, or by the pool.

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